2022 JULY 10

added to clickbait, added clickbait subpage to drawing & 2d, added to 728x90

2022 JUNE 28

added webpage section to portfolio, updated blog

2022 JUNE 23

updated blog, added link to around the web

2022 MAY 20

added shop page

2022 MAY 17

new zine, tutorial on how i make pdf's of my zines on how it's made, added to collage

2022 APR 19

added: items to index, coding how-to's in how it's made, images to amigurumi, 18+, digital, and bean pages

2022 APR 16

added: sitelog/ sitemap page. added bean page to blog about section. added "how it's made" and "guestbook" page. made "etc." tab in navbar for sitemap/log, how it's made, guestbook, and faq links. updated faq

2022 APR 9

changed home page, moved about info to a sidebar on blog page

2022 MAR 18

got custom url:

2020 MAY 17

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