can i repost your stuff/ share it to my site/ publish it in my thing/ make my own art with your work in it ?
i'm fine with using my stuff for things that aren't for sale or self-promotion as long as you credit me. if you post it on social media, credit me with a link to my site or a tag to my social media in the body of the main post, not in tags/ replies/ comments/ etc. if you want to use something of mine for things that you will sell, use for self-promotion for financial gain, or anything you get money from, please email me at noneunbecoming@gmail.com.

where did you get the graphics on your site?
from mysterious "uncredited" sites but cursor is from here, background here, and mushroom, strawberry, and rainbow sprites here (i edited them). some (like the bugs) i made myself.

how long does it take you to make an amigurumi ?
it varies from piece to piece, but the smallest amigurumi can take as little as 15 minutes. something like mushroom creatures take about 2 hours to crochet, not including embellishment like embroidery or beading.

what's inside the amigurumi ?
polyester fiberfill. same as in stuffed animals.

how long have you been crocheting ?
since i was about 9. my grandmother showed me once, and later i got a book and taught myself the rest from that, free patterns on ravelry, and crochet and knitting blogs.

can you make me a _____ ?
commissions are currently closed.

do you sell your patterns ?
i sell patterns on ravelry.