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buckethead : a top guitarist and possible cryptid. never seen without a mask. really likes texas chainsaw massacre. bandcamp
EXPEN$IVE HOE : makes expensive porn unlike any other with movie cameras. talks a lot about tech and the video making process on twitter.
tracy widdess : knits detailed, monstrous balaclavas. one of the first fiber artists i found that really inspired me to get weird with it.
sam hensley : illustrator and animatronic creature maker. makes amazing little friends.
never angeline nørth : writer, tattooist, multimedia artist. wrote Sea-Witch, a surreal multi-format book about trans mythos. note : contains nude photos of a trans body, talk of death, mental illness, and other mature content.
lust sick puppy : musician making energetic electronic/ dance/ rap music. my first experience with them was goatmeal, and i love their bright and well-defined aesthetic and music videos. bandcamp
luca licatte : reclusive hermit and fantasy artist. loves world building and character concepts, they often post sculpture and outfits. their outfits really inspired my own fashion, especially in layering and texture.
tomie : sex worker who makes high concept esoteric porn inspired by niche art films and anarcho-communist politics. obviously loves her work and creating a unique fantasy world for all her films. onlyfans pornhub